Breaking Ground

We are planning a trip out to the ranch to break ground on a 14′ x 14′ cabin, the weekend of Feb 23rd. We were going to do it the weekend of the 9th, but the footing forms we’re going to use for the concrete piers won’t be here until the 12th or so. And Allison’s going to be in Oregon the weekend of the 15th. So, the 23rd it is!

We’re going to be using concrete pier forms made by Bigfoot Systems. On top of those, we’ll be using cardboard concrete forms called sonotubes. I’ll be posting videos of our progress.

In case you don’t follow our FB page, I announced a few days ago of our change of plans for the property. We were going to move there for 1 year to see what it’s like to live off the grid in a permanent state. We’ve been thinking long and hard about that decision and we’ve decided to cancel our 1 year sabbatical from the grid. We have lots of reasons (as you can imagine), but the chief one being we’re just now settling into our new community. Just didn’t seem like the reward was worth the sacrifice at this particular time in our lives

The good news is, we’re STILL going to build a small cabin on the property and we’re still going to outfit it for living so that in the event we do have to high tail it for our own safety, we’ll have a place to go and more importantly, a place to LIVE, that is off the grid and sustainable on it’s own.

So, the purpose of this blog hasn’t changed. We’re still going to chronicle what it takes to build a cabin and set up off grid living. It’s just that we won’t be residing full time at the property for a year as we had previously planned.

So I hope you’ll stick with us and see what it takes to do all this.

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