Water Usage Reality Check

I got a water flow meter and put it on the shower head that I use.

The shower head I use is also the shower head my oldest daughter uses. We have two heads in the master shower and our girls always take a shower at the same time in that shower and of course, Allison and I use that one, as well. (NOTE: We have 4 places to take a shower in our house and all of us use the same bathroom. Talk about a waste!)

Anyway, Zoe uses mom’s shower head and Haley uses my shower head.

So I was able to measure my shower usage and Haley’s shower usage. My average shower usage is about 23 gallons. My daughter’s average is about 34 gallons. Zoe and Haley stay in the shower for the same amount of time, so you can double that when they take a shower. And Allison, bless her heart, spends more time in the shower than most people spend cooking and cleaning. (Just kidding, honey!)

So, just in shower water usage, I think we probably use well over 2800 gallons a month. To put that into perspective, that is over 50 barrels of 55 gallon drums of water.

Then I measured my shower water usage while doing one of those, water on, get wet, turn off, soap up, kinds of showers. My usage went down to about 7 gallons. And I wasn’t abnormally inconvenienced. I just stopped the water when I wasn’t actually needing it to be on me at that particular time. That’s all.

If we drop our usage down so that it reflects my lower number of 7 gallons and let’s just round up to 10 gallons. Allison and I shower every day. The girls shower every other day, or so. So, that is about 90 showers a month between all of us. That gives us a conservative estimate of about 900 gallons a month in showers.

So it turns out my completely uninformed guess of 1800 gallons a month, in a previous post, was about spot on.


6 thoughts on “Water Usage Reality Check

  1. Dan… When you get use to using less, it becomes a conscious behavior to conserve and you continue use even less. Granted it’s “Wet, soap, rinse”, but Pam and I have showered using our Solar Shower with a total of < five (5) gallons while at the ranch.

  2. I havent taken a shower “everyday” for years! I learned about living without a daily shower when we got our 1st RV. When you have a limited supply of water (say 40 gallons) while dry camping you can survive on the every other day shower plan or even every third day. Also, with limited supply you have to turn the water on & off to conserve storage tank space. I take a “sponge” bath every other day even at home now.

    • This will definitely be a big challenge for us. I feel absolutely awful if I get into clean clothes without taking a shower first. I know that’s just perception. So, it’ll need to be overcome.

  3. I was forced into the “Navy Shower” technique you described in the Marines 40 years ago. It became a habit and I thereafter felt wasteful while running water needlessly in the shower. I have tried, with limited success, to impose it on my family, but if you can limit your water intake everybody will learn to conserve or suffer the discomforts of waste.

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