Mini Cabin Placement

I took a trip to the ranch yesterday. It was dicey getting in, but got there eventually. (I posted a video of what I was contending with on our Facebook page. If you haven’t gone there to “LIKE” it yet, please do. Go now and then come back to finish reading this post.)

I also tested our cell booster kit, to see if the cell phone would get a better reception. In short, it didn’t. I was very frustrated at that outcome. However, I have a way of getting it higher (elevation) than what I tested yesterday and there is a directional antenna that I can get, too. (The one I tested is an omni-directional one.) So, all is not lost. But it is definitely a disappointment.

I found 3 potential mini cabin sites on the property. (Well, I found more than that, but I have settled on 3 that we’ll choose from.)

Here are my main criteria, not necessarily in order of importance:

  1. South facing without losing some sort of view.
  2. Can the car reach the cabin without having to move tons of rocks?
  3. Is the drainage proper for that spot without a lot of drainage work?
  4. Can it even be built in that spot without having to move a ton of rocks?
  5. Is it easily accessible to the “farm” area that we’ll be building?
  6. Can we install solar and propane services within close proximity?
  7. Does it have a great view?
  8. Can it be defended easily against the inevitable zombie wars?

The reason I have not selected the site yet is because I really have to talk to someone who knows what they’re looking at (an engineer) to see what spot makes the most sense given all my criteria above.

Here is a flickr page with all the pictures I took yesterday. Be sure to read the descriptions below the pictures to get a sense of where you are on the property (if that’s possible.) The dirt pictures are so I can talk to someone about whether a pier and beam foundation will suffice and how deep they recommend going down for the piers.

Side note… I have all the stuff I need to experiment with my rainwater catchment ideas. I’ll be posting some pictures of that soon.

Another side note… I’ve started a spreadsheet to track my costs for this project. So far I’ve spent $610 and have absolutely nothing to show for it yet. Grumble, grumble. 🙂

Okay… go LIKE our Facebook page and tell your friends, too. Share it on your timeline if you think your friends would be interested in following our journey. Thanks!

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