You Had Me at Chickens!

Post from Allison…

Once Daniel and I realized that the cabin plan could really work, we had to talk about it with the kids. We asked Haley (our oldest), “What do you think about building a cabin on our property and living in it for a year?”. She thought about it for a minute and said “OK”. Not really enthusiastic, but not negative either. Then we started talking about how we would live off the land as much as we could, including having a few chickens. From that point on she turned off her music, pulled out her headphones and she was all in. “CHICKENS????? I CAN HAVE CHICKENS????” She was hooked. I guess the move to Arizona last year would have been easier for her if only we had promised some chickens in the deal!

Zoe was a little less interested, but she followed Haley’s lead and warmed up to the idea the more they talked about the chickens. In the following 3 days we added a goat and some bunnies to the mix. The bunnies are for pets, not for food. We learned our lesson in Oregon that bunnies don’t belong in a suburban garage, so while we live out at the cabin we agreed the girls could each have a bunny or two. For Zoe it was sweetening the pot and it worked.

For the rest of our trip this move was pretty much the only topic of conversation. The kids loved talking about their bedroom (they want to share), looking at the spot on the land that we’ve picked for the cabin, discussing chicken coops and bunny food and hikes with Phinny. One morning at breakfast I reviewed all of the things we’d done this summer: day-long pool parties with friends, a trip to Oregon, several summer camps, a trip with the cousins and several trips to the property. I asked both Haley and Zoe to name their favorite part of the summer- the activity that they’d like to do more of next time. Both of them named the trips to the property as their favorite parts of the summer. Later that day I snapped the picture of the girls (above) at our Holey Cave near the top of our property and texted it to my mom. She responded that they both looked so content. I guess there’s just something about the place that feels good for all of us.

PS: In case you are wondering, here are the names they have chosen for the animals so far: GOAT: Tony Stark; CHICKENS: Mrs Doubtfire, Pepper Pots, Mr. Clucks, Mrs Clucks, Mrs Marvel; BUNNIES: Nemo, Om Nom. All of these are subject to change as we see more movies in the next year, I guess. Frankly I’m surprised we haven’t named something Katy Perry yet.

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