Home Plans are Gibberish

We got the blueprints for the 14′ x 24′ cabin.

Yikes, on a stick!!

Now I know why people don’t build their own houses. Ha! I can’t make heads nor tails of the plans. So I guess that means I have to actually work at this project.


Fortunately, I do have some friends that can point me in the right direction. And of course, I could just wing it, too. Going off of common sense.

“Umm… yeah, that looks like it goes there.”

Okay… I’m going to try to stay away from that method. It probably doesn’t work all that well.

It appears my next trip to the ranch is going to be Wednesday the 22nd. This trip will be to test the cell booster and to scope out where the mini cabin will be going. I know where the main cabin is going, but haven’t been to the property since we’ve decided to do a mini cabin first. There are many places it could go, so I have to figure out the BEST place.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting quotes on stone veneer for the outside walls. Not cheap, but I can’t seem to settle for regular siding. Perhaps my “all or nothing” DNA can be altered so as to accept the notion of the mini cabin having regular siding. As we get closer to that step, I’ll reassess. Same with my desire to have concrete roofing tiles. They look amazing, but again… pricey. Argh!!!

One of my first big decisions is what type of post foundation I’ll need to have. I haven’t quite figured out what the frost line is in that area. So I’m not sure how far to dig my post footers. I’m going to stop at the courthouse again and try to talk with one of the building code people to see what he/she says. It would be WAY cool if I could just put it on the ground, flush (I mean the concrete block piers, then a post on top of those.) With just some crushed gravel under them for proper drainage. Another owner I know over at Woodland Valley Ranch (neighboring ranch lands to ours) put hers at grade level, so I’m hoping that we can do ours that way, too. I’m thinking ours is going to be built on a slight slope, so I have to figure that out, too. That shouldn’t impact the decision for the footers, though.

Oh, I got a book called “DIY Projects for the Self Sufficient Homeowner” that goes over all kinds of nifty projects that you can do around the house to make your household a bit more independent. I’ll report more on it as I take on some of the projects.

Things are continuing to move forward. Yeah!



6 thoughts on “Home Plans are Gibberish

  1. I believe the frost line is 18″. I recall seeing something about that, especially in reference to how deep you bury your water/septic lines. But certainly double check with the county! 😉

  2. Great Idea Dan. I wish we could do the same thing. Just have to talk my family into it. You have one blog follower. Exciting stuff.

    • Here’s how to do it. Tell the wife you’ll be saving approximately X% of your income that can be spent on more vacations, retirement… whatever is important to her. And the kids… tell them they can have chickens. That worked for us. ha!

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