Our Cabin is Growing

Okay. I was thinking about the 192 sq ft “starter” cabin that we decided to build, for practice. This is the floorplan for that one. It’s 12′ x 16′.

There’s a loft, too, of course. But that was it.

So I got to thinking about this more. What IF we have to live in this cabin for longer than anticipated? It might get old, really quick, with 4 people even if 2 of them are small.

Think… consternation, grimace, grunt… think some more… hmmm…

Lightbulb! Why not go a TEENSY bit bigger? In discussing this with Allison, she said, “We’ll never regret having a slightly larger second cabin on the property, later on.”

Then if we do have to stay in it longer than a few months, at least we can stomach that possibility.

So here is the new floor plan (click on it for a larger version):

This one will be 14′ x 24′ for 336 sq ft plus the loft (which is another 200 sq ft or so.) The floor plan you see here is really rough but the bath/kitchen location will be in the same respective areas. We’ll most likely build a double loft. The dotted lines show the edge of the loft spaces. One on the left and one on the right.

Yeah. I’m much more comfortable with that solution. Plans are ordered.

Anyone in the market for blueprints on a 192 sq ft cabin?  🙂

5 thoughts on “Our Cabin is Growing

  1. I like Allison’s reply. 🙂
    I like the larger floorplan, esp the tub for the bath. Two divided lofts is a great idea.
    You’ve inspired my husband into looking into going off grid in the future. For now, we’re looking at solar power.

    • Hi Sarah… thanks for sharing in our excitement for this project. I appreciate that.

      Solar can be a monster. It’s cheaper than it ever has been, but when you crunch the numbers… it just doesn’t make sense for most people. That’s why you don’t see it on every roof here in Arizona. Grid is still way too cheap to justify it. (Or solar is too expensive… however you want to look at it.)

      The only reason we’re doing it is because there is no other alternative for off grid living. When your choices are no electricity or solar… well, solar suddenly becomes affordable. Ha!!

      I can understand the desire though, from an intellectual perspective. I have that itch as well. But until we had this need, I could never really justify it financially.

      I can’t wait to meet your family. Heard so much about you. 🙂

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