Cabin Change of Plans

Since we only have 324 days until we move to the ranch (yes, we even have an official countdown page) and this is the first time I’ve built anything larger than a… um… okay, I’ve never built ANYTHING before… I’ve come to the quick realization that my goals are bigger than my talents.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to do a PRACTICE build. It’ll be a 192 sq ft, itty bitty cabin. That’s smaller than most people’s living room. The entire house will be 12’ x 16’ with a low ceiling, crawl space, kind of attic of 16’ x 18’. This will allow me to have something to stay at that has some sort of comfort to it (shelter, bathroom, shower, power…etc) as I tackle the bigger goal of building the larger cabin. Then we can use the tiny cabin for guests or whatever, after we move into the larger cabin.

I actually want to build several smaller cabins on the property, for people to visit the land and enjoy it’s beauty and solitude, without cramming everyone into the main cabin. So this fits right into the plan. And I’ll definitely need the practice, I can tell you that much for sure. 🙂

Here is a link to the plans for the itty bitty cabin. Not shown is a 16’ x 18’ attic space that we’ll most likely sleep in when we stay there. The headroom, at the tallest point in the attic, will be about 4’ 11” down the center line. I’m 6’, 2”, so I won’t be doing any stretching exercises upstairs. Ha!

I’ll be changing the elevation (outside look) of the cabin to closer match our terrain. It’s definitely NOT going to look like a farmhouse.

Next post, I’ll discuss some of the things I’ve been researching, that’ll bring all this plan together. I’m exhausted every night. Didn’t realize how much energy this was going to take, even before swinging a hammer.

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