Welcome to Grid Rid

This is the first post of what I hope will be an interesting blogumentary about getting rid of the grid. (Hence the not altogether clever name of the blog and web address.)

I’m going to blog, in detail, my family’s move (two young daughters and a wife) from a 5100 sq ft home in Gilbert, AZ to a 1000 sq ft cabin (not yet built) on our 40 acre piece of land in NE Arizona. (I’m actually going to build a smaller cabin first, for practice.) We’ll be completely off grid as our property is no where near electricity or any other modern amenity. The nearest town is St John’s, which is about a 30 minute drive away. Cell service is spotty to none and there is no well or water source. Nothing. It’s simply a beautiful piece of land, waiting to receive our guiding hands.

My goal is to have a small cabin, power, toilet, water and high speed internet, all in working order, by August 1st of 2013. That is 0 to livable in exactly 1 year.

My experience in such matters? None. Zero. I am an entrepreneur. I have exactly no skills in building, power creation, water management or any other skill that will be required in the next year.

God help us all. 🙂

The picture you see here on the blog, in the background, is a view from what we call the “gulch” on our property. Over time, you’ll be able to recognize the different features of our ranch, of which there are many and varied.

Anyway, here goes nothing. As they say in showbiz… stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Grid Rid

      • I’ve added you to it! I hope that’s alright ;-). I am also trying to collect answers to a list of ‘commonly asked questions’ and will be uploading the answers of each tiny houser next to their link.
        If you had a little bit of time it would be great if I could get your set of answers. Your story in particular would be of great interest since you are making this change with two kids in tow!
        This is an example that one of the other people filled out and sent back, http://minimotives.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/bellows.pdf, I know it’s a lot of questions, you don’t have to answer them all but I am getting a ton of positive feedback from people who are interested in building small houses but a little overwhelmed at the thought of actually doing that. I think these ‘surveys’ are helping to make things a little more clear for interested people. Either way I will certainly be following along your journey with you! I am excited to see your project progress!

  1. Absolutely, here are MY answers to it (http://minimotives.com/common-questions/), you can start to see other people’s answers as well on this page (http://minimotives.com/othertinyhousers/), I am formatting each persons answers next to the link on my ‘tinyhousers’ page. Don’t feel obligated to answer them all (there are a ton!), there will be some that don’t apply to your project, feel free to skip any like that or that you don’t feel comfortable answering. Feel free to email them over to me at mizacy@gmail.com. Thank’s so much for your help!

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